What Are the Most Common Causes of Water Damage?

Six Common Causes of Water Damage

At one time or another, most people will have some water damage. It almost always comes as a surprise since we grow accustomed to having our water system perform as it should. We have water piping and connections running all through the structure of our home. Sooner or later something can and will fail to allow water to leak from the system. It may be a small leak that goes unnoticed until it has caused a severe problem such mold infestation. It is helpful to have some knowledge of what may create a water damage incident.

So What Are the Typical Causes of Water Damage?.

  1. Leaking Pipes

A leaking can lead a severe destructive water problem in your home. You can be awakened in the middle of the night with water flowing from the ceiling when a water pipe freezes and burst. You may notice some black or green discoloration on the ceiling or wall, and it is wet to the touch. That is usually the result of a slow, small leak somewhere in the system. Black mold might also appear when you have this kind of problem.

  1. Toilet Leaks or Overflows

When you experience toilet runs and drips, it is usually clean water, and it is probably a good idea to bring in the plumber to correct the situation.  Toilet back up, and overflows are a whole different situation. This water can contain human feces and all sorts of pathogens that can present grave dangers to health; This is a problem that is best left to professional water damage contractors.

  1. Washing Machine Leak

Washing machine hose failure will cause a flood in your home in a short period. You have a water faucet turned on full blast pouring water inside your house. The longer it goes undiscovered, the worse it will be. This is a reason to consider turning the water supply off if you intend to be away for any length of time.

  1. Weather-related Issues

We can to some extent predict the climate. However, the severity of in climate weather is never 100% correct and even when it is all we can do the leave the area and hope for the best. Storms can range from a thunderstorm to a tornado or a hurricane all of which can do severe damage to our property. It is probably a good idea to stay away from property built in a 100-year flood zone.

  1. Basement and Attic Issues

Crawl spaces, basements, and attic are commonplaces to look for the cause of water damage.  Damp, high humidity, hidden, and dark crawl spaces are usually the places where the mold grows. Of course, even a tiny water leak in one of these areas creates a perfect environment for mold to flourish.


  1. No Proper Home Maintenance

Avoiding adequate home raises the likelihood you will face home water damage issues. Maintaining the quality of your appliances, checking the plumbing system and correcting small matters while they are small will lessen the possibility of water damage issues.  Monitoring and investigating the reasons for any minor water damage incident will help to minimize the problem.