Water, Fire and Mold Damage Problems

All Sorts Of Damage

Water damage causes all kinds of structural problems, everything from cracked flooring and swollen drywall to damaged foundations and the risk of complete structural failure and collapse. Rampant mold growth has demonstrated itself to be enough of a problem to cause buildings and even entire city blocks to be condemned and torn down. And of course, fire destroys anything and everything it touches. What’s worse, all of these various types of damage can seriously affect a home’s electrical or HVAC systems: they become actively dangerous to operate due to the risk of severe injury or death. Ceilings may sag and even collapse under the weight of excess water, and a person standing in the wrong place could be seriously injured.

Hardwood Floors Can Be Ruined

Water damaged floors can warp up or crack, and water damaged carpets can be very difficult to dry out, much less be reusable. This is particularly true where sewage based flooding has occurred. Water likes to flow downhill, which means that it will always seek out the lowest level of your home where it will puddle up and continue to go on causing problems and producing mold until it is located and treated. You need the help of a professional water damage restoration provider who knows what kind of problems to look for. We properly determine the extent of the damage to your property, then devise a plan of action for dealing with it, and we execute that plan both efficiently and effectively. This includes extraction of water, the remediation of mold, and elimination of smoke, ash, and soot.

Austin’s Most trusted

ATEX Water Damage Restoration is the premier authority in the Austin and Central Texas area for mold removal and other water-related problems, and we have decades of combined experience in all areas of mold remediation. Our service technicians are thoroughly trained and certified, and they bring the latest equipment and techniques to bear in order to ensure the fastest and most thorough cleanup job you can ask for. We will get all of the water out, dry out all of the affected surfaces an get your house back to being your home.